Create a Colorful Fantasy Digital Painting in Photoshop
by Ivo Rangelov Source article

In art, there are no wrong answers. That is especially true with digital art. There are a million techniques to produce the same piece of art. Some designers start out with a sketch, others create their artwork without a plan of any kind. In this tutorial, Marco Casalvieri will explain how to create a fantasy digital painting without a sketch. Let’s get started!


Marco Casalvieri is going to teach you what you need to know in order to make a digital painting, based on his experience. He’ll explain his points of view, his thoughts during the process of creation, and some of his techniques. Ok – here’s the first thing Marco Casalvieri does every time he starts a new painting. He chooses the background color. Why is this one pink? No real reason. It just inspired him in that particular moment. He has a color. Marco Casalvieri has done a lot already. Really. If you decide a background color, then you automatically narrow the field of the kind of environments you can create. It’s pink, so he knows that it won’t be a jungle, for example!

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