Tips for a Clean and Minimal Online Store Design

A couple of tips for a clean online store design

In the past, many online stores were often cluttered with information, and fonts and colors were overwhelming, they were quite simply over-designed. Now, many pages are ditching models, crazy colors, fonts and fancy photography for the simplistic style of just showcasing their products. It’s a trend that is taking over much of the web (not just e-commerce) with the emergence of responsive design models. More designers are embracing the trend that simpler can be better, while focusing on readability and usability.


More and more companies are ditching lots of color, models and movement on their websites in favor of more minimal design schemes. Background patterns are more subtle or have been ditched completely in favor of a simple black or white background. Typography is simple and direct and photography of products is emphasized. This type of scheme can be less costly. There are no models to pay and with a simple background less pre-design work. A little studio lighting and good photography is all you need to get started. Focusing less on super-complicated design can give companies more time to focus on the user experience. The top concern for an e-commerce site after all is sales. A webpage must function well, load quickly and make it easy for customers to find what they want and make a purchase.


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