Replace a Woman’s Lipstick With Artwork

Replace a woman’s lipstick with artwork using creative retouching techniques

Creative retouching techniques are often used to enhance the photography that is being used for a particular project. In this tutorial, Stefka Pavlova will show you how to replace a woman’s lipstick with artwork using some creative and effective photo retouching techniques. Let’s get started!


First step is to load the image of the pattern that you would like to use. In this tutorial, Stefka Pavlova will use the UK flag. Set the opacity to 50%. Rotate and position to match the lips angle. Cut the pattern image into two separate layers (make selection > layer via cut). Make rough selection on both layers to outline the lip shape. Go to Liquify panel and reshape each piece to match the lip shape. The artwork’s edges are too clean. Smooth them by adding some noise and then add a blur by going to Filter > Blur > Blur. Now group each lip layer in separate group and mask the artwork to the contour of the lips. Before you proceed, get rid of that red color of the lips. Make a few adjustment layers. Hue/Saturation (overall desaturation), Selective Color to reduce the reds and curves to darken.


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