Universal Responsive Bootstrap Kit Support

Three DMXzone extensions and a design template

The Universal Responsive Bootstrap Kit is a discount package of three DMXzone extensions, one of them free, and a designer template that allows you to easily customize the responsive layout and add responsive images and text.

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HTML5 Image Enhancer

Stunning Real-time Animation Effects, Gradients, Image Filters and Transitions!

Bring your images to another level with the HTML5 Image Enhancer. Create real-time animation effects, reflections, gradients, image filters and transition with only few clicks and without any Flash! Add customizable borders with rounded corners and gradient colors, shadows, and even switch filters on mouse over.

You don't have an HTML5 compatible browser like Internet Explorer? - don't worry we have made a special fall back method, that will use Flash on browsers that do not support the HTML5 Canvas element to achieve the same fantastic results!

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DMXzone Responsive Text

Make your text responsive for any device and desktop browser

The DMXzone Responsive Text is a great Dreamweaver tool if you want to create a fully responsive text and headings for various devices. The text will scale up or down depending on the device screen resolution, so your headings offer the same effect no matter if your user is browsing the website on smart phone, tablet or a huge flat screen monitor.

Along with the extremely easy customization of your text, you can add multiple lines, block elements, and also have a great Dreamweaver design preview.

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DMXzone Bootstrap

The perfect site layout in just a few minutes

Twitter Bootstrap is the greatest solution for designing CSS based, responsive web layouts and now with the help of the DMXzone Bootstrap extension, it is fully integrated in Dreamweaver! Directly in its design view, you can now fully visual create fluid or fixed grid layouts and follow your work in progress for mobile and desktop browsers by selecting the desired size for mobile phones, tablets or desktop. With the responsive grid and the great design view integration it allows you to visually create even the most complicated grid layouts. The extension comes with 8 predesigned pages to get you started right away.

For even more power and additional 35 ready to go Bootstrap Elements check the DMXzone Bootstrap Elements Extension!

Bootstrap 3 is already available as Dreamweaver extension!

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Universal Responsive Bootstrap Template

Quick, easy to customize and affordable website template

The Universal Responsive Bootstrap Template is built with the latest web technologies and offers a fully responsive design that fits any device screen and modern desktop browser. It can be easily customized for the purpose of your project and features amazing images effects and texts.

You need to have the required extensions installed in Dreamweaver in order to install the template

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