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In this article you'll find the full list of all 35 elements included in DMXzone Bootstrap Elements extension. Each element is presented with its properties and detailed information about what it does and how it can be customized. Additionally, there's a tutorial on how to access Bootstrap elements panel and the Bootstrap elements inspector floating panel in Dreamweaver. Also, watch the five video tutorials where we covered everything you need to know on how to work with this extension.

Reference: List of Bootstrap Elements and their Properties

Explore the list of all 35 DMXzone Bootstrap elements, what they can achieve in your design and their properties for customization.


The default title element is H3. You can change it with another heading between H1 and H6.   From the element properties you can change the alignment to be none, left, center or right. Also you can choose from six default lightweight styles (emphasis).


Paragraphs are by default 14px font size with a line height of 20px. In addition, paragraphs receive a bottom margin of half their line-height.

Add contact information such as address, name, phone number, etc.

You can quote any block of content from another source within your page. Blockquotes can be aligned to the left or to the right.

Unordered List
Add a list of items with bullets, where the order doesn't matter. From the element properties you can remove the default styling and also show all list items on a single line (inline).

Ordered List
Add a list of items with numbering, where the order does matter. From the element properties you can remove the default styling and also show all list items on a single line (inline).

Definition List
Add a list of terms, features or anything that needs a definition or explanation. From the element properties you can make the list vertical as well.


Add a table with as many rows and columns as you wish. From the element properties you can choose the table row style and also style the table with borders and rounded corners. You can enable the rows hover state.


Add a form where your users enter data for processing. From the element properties, the form can also be inline.

Search Form
Add a search field to your forms, where your users will type in keywords to search through the content.

Horizontal Form
In the horizontal form, the labels and input fields are on the same line.

Control Group
Add a simple input field with a label. You can customize the labels with some predefined lightweight styles.


You can add buttons with different sizes (large, default, small and mini) and choose one of the predefined lightweight designs. From the element properties you can make a button non-clickable by disabling it or make it fit the cell entirely by width. Note that the rounded corners are not supported in IE9.

Anchor Button
If you need to use a text link that looks like a button, anchor button element is the right one to choose.

Button with icon
There are 140 icons supplied in the extension that you can use on any button size or design. Each icon has a white version for dark button backgrounds.

Button group
You can add as many buttons next to each other as you need. They can be with or without styling and icons. The alignment can be horizontal as well as vertical.


There are 4 styles you can add to the images - default, rounded corners, circle and polaroid-like. Note that the rounded corners and circle are not supported in IE7-8 due to the lack of support.


140 icons in sprite form, available in dark gray (default)for light backgrounds and white for dark ones.


Add a simple pagination, great for apps and search results. From the element properties you can choose the position and the size of the paginator.

Quick previous and next links for simple pagination implementations with light markup and styles. It's great for simple sites like blogs or magazines.

Aligned pager
Quick links for simple pagination aligned to each side.

Add easy navigation that allows users to keep track of their locations within programs or documents.

Labels and Badges

Create eye catching labels and annotate text with inline labels. From the element properties you can style the labels with lightweight designs.

Add small and simple badges for displaying an indicator or count. They're commonly found in email clients or on mobile apps for push notification. From the element properties you can style the badges with lightweight designs.


Hero unit
Add a lightweight, flexible component to showcase key content on your site. It works well on marketing and content-heavy sites. From the element properties you can add a simple effect to give it an inset effect with padding and rounded corners.

Page header
Add text that is separated from the main body of text and appears at the top. From the elements properties it can be aligned center, left and right.

Use this element to add content on your page with a header, paragraph and button.


Add grids of photos, videos, products or anything that needs thumbnail display.

Advanced thumbnails
Add any kind of HTML content like headings, paragraphs, or buttons into thumbnails.

Progress bars

Progress bar
Visualize the progression of an action with a progress bar. From the element properties you can customize the color and add striped effect. Also you can animate the stripes during process. Note that the animation is not supported in any IE version.

Stacked progress bar
Put multiple bars into the same progress bar to stack them. From the element properties you can use the same lightweight styles like the ones for buttons. Also they can be striped and animated.

Note: Progress bars use CSS3 gradients, transitions, and animations to achieve all their effects. These features are not supported in IE7-9 or older versions of Firefox. Versions earlier than Internet Explorer 10 and Opera 12 do not support animations.


Add a simple text for a basic warning alert message with a close button that can be styled.

Alert Block
Add a longer warning alert message with description and close button.


Media object
Float a media object (images, video, audio) to the left or right of a content block.

Media list
You can use media inside list, which is useful for comment threads or articles lists.

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