Interactive Designer Collection

Design CSS based, responsive layouts with elements and animations

The Interactive Designer Collection allows you to design CSS based, responsive web layouts and include a wide range of elements for typography, tables, forms, buttons, images, icons, pagination, layouts, thumbnails, media and many more. You can also create CSS based animations and animate virtually any CSS property.

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Advanced CSS Animator

Next Generation CSS based, Flash-less, Web Animations!

Need full power and control of your CSS based animations? Awesome effects combined all together? Full Cross browser support and no Flash at all? The Advanced CSS Animator is the answer to your prayers!

With the Advanced CSS Animator you can animate virtually any CSS Property! Borders, colors, font sizes, position, opacity, apply CSS Transformations like rotate, skew, zoom and more! Use the supplied presets to choose from ready animations like fade in/out, expand, collapse, position in browser, paper spin, shake, blink or save your own CSS animations in a new preset!

Need more then one animation – well add as many as you wish! Those will be nicely added to the animation queue. You can run animations simultaneously, apply timing and easing and have a precise control of the animations queue! 

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DMXzone Bootstrap

The perfect site layout in just a few minutes

Twitter Bootstrap is the greatest solution for designing CSS based, responsive web layouts and now with the help of the DMXzone Bootstrap extension, it is fully integrated in Dreamweaver! Directly in its design view, you can now fully visual create fluid or fixed grid layouts and follow your work in progress for mobile and desktop browsers by selecting the desired size for mobile phones, tablets or desktop. With the responsive grid and the great design view integration it allows you to visually create even the most complicated grid layouts. The extension comes with 8 predesigned pages to get you started right away.

For even more power and additional 35 ready to go Bootstrap Elements check the DMXzone Bootstrap Elements Extension!

Bootstrap 3 is already available as Dreamweaver extension!

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DMXzone Bootstrap Elements

35 ready to go elements for DMXzone Bootstrap

DMXzone Bootstrap Elements is an amazing addition to the DMXzone Bootstrap extension. With its 35 extremely useful and ready to go elements you can design fantastic pages within minutes, directly in Dreamweaver. The extension comes with easy accessible elements panel and inspector floating panel where you can customize each element with just a few mouse clicks.

It includes a wide range of elements for typography, tables, forms, buttons, images, icons, pagination, layouts, thumbnails, media and many more. Supplied with lightweight designs, the elements can be styled for any page layout. Build your fully responsive pages with DMXzone Bootstrap and select from 35 different, fully customizable Bootstrap elements to bring your website to a whole new level!

DMXzone Boostrap Elements is only compatible with DMXzone Bootstrap. If you own DMXzone Bootstrap 3, please get Bootstrap Elements 3!

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HTML5 Data Bindings

Design interactive, data driven dynamic web sites and apps
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Product: Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6, Dreamweaver CC+

George Petrov

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