Writing A Better JavaScript Library For The DOM

Adding useful features to the library

At present, jQuery is the de facto library for working with the document object model (DOM). It can be used with popular client-side MV frameworks (such as Backbone), and it has a ton of plugins and a very large community. As developers’ interest in JavaScript increases by the minute, a lot of people are becoming curious about how native APIs really work and about when we can just use them instead of including an extra library.


Lately, Maksim Chemerisuk has started to see more and more problems with jQuery, at least his use of it. Most of the problems are with jQuery’s core and can’t be fixed without breaking backwards compatibility — which is very important. He, like many others, continued using the library for a while, navigating all of the pesky quirks every day.

Then, Daniel Buchner created SelectorListener, and the idea of “live extensions” manifested. Maksim Chemerisuk started to think about creating a set of functions that would enable you to build unobtrusive DOM components using a better approach than what we have used so far. The objective was to review existing APIs and solutions and to build a clearer, testable and lightweight library.

Lubov Cholakova

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