Introduction to Testing on iOS

Use Xcode to create unit tests to verify an iOS application

No one wants to ship buggy software. Ensuring that you release a mobile application of the highest quality requires much more than a human-driven manual quality assurance process. New devices and operating systems are released to the public each year. This means that there is an ever expanding combination of screen sizes and operating system versions on which you must test your mobile application. Not only would it be extremely time consuming, but attempting to test your iOS application by manual testing neglects an entire piece of the modern software engineering process, automated quality assurance testing.

In today’s world, there are many tools available that can be used to automatically test the software you write. Some of these tools are maintained through an open source model, but there is also a core set provided by Apple. With each new release of the iOS SDK, Apple has continued to show their commitment towards improving the tools available for developers to test the code they write. For the iOS developer who is new to automated testing and interested to get started, Apple’s tools are a good place to start.

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