DMXzone Lightbox 2 Manual Support

Great looking photos and videos in a modal stylish popup

DMXzone Lightbox 2 is the right tool to use when you want to open your photos in a modal stylish popup. The extension is supplied with amazing Lightbox popup presets that catch the eye and amaze the user with its slick designs. All design presets are fully customizable and allow you to explore your creativity and fit the Lightbox perfectly into your site design. With a single click you can add Lightbox functionality to any existing element like images, links or forms! With the built-in DMXzone Resizer the Lightbox will directly resize your images, create thumbnails and even combine images in galleries, while getting a live preview of the Lightbox within Dreamweaver.

With full mobile support, DMXzone Lightbox 2 looks amazing not only on desktop browsers but also on mobile devices. You can even supply the images for your galleries from a data source thanks to the awesome HTML5 Data Bindings integration.

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Design and customization

Create image galleries

DMXzone Lightbox 2 allows you to combine images in galleries that open in a Lightbox dialog.

Fantastic Lightbox window

Open your images in an awesome Lightbox window for larger preview and greater user-experience

Image resizer and thumbnail generator

The extension has a built-in super fast, multi threaded image processor in Dreamweaver, that will resize your images and make thumbnails in an eye blink. Original images can be automatically resized to fit the specified size while the proportions are maintained. Now available also in 64bit for the fastest performance!

Live preview

Interactive live preview of the Lightbox options and designs within Dreamweaver!

Add Lightbox link to a single image thumbnail to save space on your page but still offer your users large preview of the image.

Open regular, existing links in the a Lightbox dialog.

Design presets

DMXzone Lightbox 2 is supplied with fully customizable design presets, all drawn in real time with canvas.

Custom presets

Edit the existing design presets directly from the DMXzone Lightbox Configuration window in order the Lightbox to fit your website design perfectly.


Integration with HTML5 Data Bindings for dynamic galleries

Create a repeat region with HTML5 Data Bindings and supply the images for a dynamic Lightbox gallery by clicking on the dynamic data pickers.

64bit Dreamweaver support

DMXzone Lightbox 2 runs smoothly even on the latest 64bit update of Dreamweaver CC 2014.

Mobile support

Due to its responsiveness DMXzone Lightbox 2 looks amazing not only on desktop browsers but also on mobile devices.

Video support

Give your pages additional interactivity and open your videos from YouTube or local ones directly within DMXzone Lightbox 2.

Build-in floater in Dreamweaver

All Lightbox elements are inspected by its own Floater, so you don't lose the ability to edit your images and links in Dreamweaver but rather you get additional options.

Fully controllable by behaviors

You can choose between many great actions such as close, enable/disable keyboard navigation, make dragable/undragable, start/stop slideshow and more.


Type: Behavior
License: External link
Product: Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6, Dreamweaver CC+
Browser: IE 9


Version 2.0.1

  • Improved support for Dreamweaver CC 2015 on the latest OSX 10.11 El Capitan

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