Implement your own Send To Friend script to spread the word about your site.

This short tutorial teaches you how to implement your own send to friend feature, allowing your users to share links to their favorite pages with their friends. This is a great way to spread the word about your site, and gain new visitors.



September 16, 2001 by Rico Tan
Coba coba...nih...

Link problem

September 6, 2002 by James Hanifen
I want to use the HTTP_REFERER code, is there a way to make that work so it gets the url from not the last page, but the one before that.   I would not need to do this, but the url is a string from that gets info from a database.  IE:   but the email that has the HTTP_REFERER link in it only gives this result:   it stops at the %.  Do you know why this might be.  

James Hanifen

How can I make the window a pop up and include the full query string

January 24, 2003 by Kenny Darcy

Hi yea,
Thank you for your tutorial, I was wonding how to make it into a pop up window send to friend, having got to that stage my self I found to get the full query string was a problem. I and I believe lots of others would love either a tutorial or better still an extention allowing to make a pop up send to friend with full path.





Send t Friend only takes to to other page

February 4, 2003 by Kenny Darcy
Hi Yea, I would be grateful if you could make this a pop up send to friend tutorial, at the moment when the link is clicked one is taken to anoth page but I do believe a pop up would be better, how can one pass both the http_referer and the query_string to the pop up window. best regards


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