Multiple Image Delete & Remove Options for Pure ASP Upload

This tutorial is the second of a three part series on image delete options using George Petrov's Pure ASP upload. The first shows how to handle image delete and remove options on an update form with a single image. This tutorial looks at update forms with multiple image fields. Having more than one image imposes limitations on image remove and delete options, but with a bit of imaginative thinking and a little hand coding we'll see that we can provide users with a full array of image handling options.

Intermediate Image Delete & Remove Options for Pure ASP Upload 2.07: Multiple Images

First I will set up some conventions to make it easy to follow the tutorial. This tutorial assumes you have created a recordset to populate your form with existing data. If you have not, you will need to create a recordset. Stock UltraDev code that is not concerned with the purposes of this tutorial will be is shown in black. Tutorial code will be blue. Variables that should be unique to your page are shown in red. And comments pertinent to the tutorial will be grey.

The first thing you will need to do is add conditional region to your form for each image field. Our sample application will have three images on the update form, so we will need four conditional regions. The conditional region will display two elements if the database image field has a value other than null. The first will be the image itself. The second is the "delete_image" checkbox. In this case we will have a delete_image1 through delete_image3 checkboxes and a checkbox named delete_image to simultaneously delete all three images. At this point it might be wise to consider how you have named your images fields in the database. If you use a number to differentiate your image fields, you will find things much easier later on. For the example, I named my image fields P_image1, P_image2, P_image3 or something along those lines. In our current example I repeat the code below three times, changing the appropriate names each time. The images below show how this works on page with a single image.

If (rs_about.Fields.Item("P_Image1").Value) <> "" Then
Response.Write("<tr><td class=""specialbold"">Existing Image</td><td> <img src='"&("../site_images/") & (rs_about.Fields.Item("P_Image1").Value)&"'></td></tr>")
Response.Write("") End if

Then I put this conditional region near the end of my form below the last image. It contains the "delete_image" checkbox, which allows the user to simultaneously remove all images from the page. It is only displayed if at least one of the images exists.

If (rs_about.Fields.Item("P_Image3").Value) <> "" OR (rs_about.Fields.Item("P_Image2").Value) <> "" OR (rs_about.Fields.Item("P_Image1").Value) <> "" Then
response.write(" <td class=""specialbold"">Remove Images<br></td><td><input type=""checkbox"" name=""delete_image"" value=""true""><span class=""tablesmall"">check box to remove all images</span></td>")
Response.Write("") End if

The "delete_image" checkbox does two things if checked. It turns off the skip empty fields feature of Pure ASP Upload and it turns on the code that deletes all image files on page from the server. Turning off the skip empty fields feature allows us to set the field P_imageVAR fields in the database back to a null value. And deleting the old image keeps web server resources available for fresh content. Let's get started on the update code on the next page.

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remove checkbox

October 8, 2003 by Marcello Citzia
Is there a possibility to insert a checkbox removeĀ for every single image?

How do I remove just 1 or 2 images?

September 11, 2004 by John Tucker

How can I use checkbox to "delete_images1" , "delete_images2" and "delete_images3" with out deleting all images?

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