DMXzone Server Connect Manual

November 23, 2015
Limit the allowed file types
Limit the allowed file types

With this movie we will show you how to limit the allowed file types and size in DMXzone DropZone Add-on for HTML5 File Upload.

Step by Step

Open DMXzone DropZone

We've already showed you how to add the DMXzone Dropzone add-on on your page and upload any file type. Now, select the dropzone (1) and click the advanced button (2) in the properties inspector.

Set allowed files

In the allowed files dropdown you can find different categories like images, music, movies and documents. However you can add your own custom file types, by selecting the custom option. We only want to allow jpeg files to be uploaded on our site so we choose custom (1) and enter .jpeg (2) in the extensions field.

Limit the image size

We also limit the max file size to 2Mb. Click OK when you're done.