DMXzone Lightbox 2 Manual

January 4, 2016
Inserting a Lightbox Link using DMXzone Lightbox 2
Inserting a Lightbox Link using DMXzone Lightbox 2

With this movie we will show you how to insert a lightbox link on your page.

Step by Step

Add Lightbox link

We created our page layout and we want to add a size guide for our products, which we want to show within a Lightbox popup. Select the part of the content that you want to attach the Lightbox link to (1) and from the insert panel (2) select Lightbox link (3).

Add a link

First, we need to add a link to the file that we want to show inside the Lightbox window. Click the browse button.

Select the file

Select the file (1) and click OK (2).

Content type and settings

Select the content type or leave it to auto detect. We included an HTML file so we select the web page option (1). You can also add a title for the Lightbox window (2), width and height (leave empty for autosize) (3) and choose one of the predefined presets (4). When you're done, click OK.

Save and preview

Now you can save your page and preview the results.