DMXzone File System Connector Reference

More detailed overview of the features

In this article we'll take a closer look at the features, which are included in the DMXzone File System Connector extension. The available actions are listed within the DMXzone Server Connect file management menu and below you can see what each one of them does with your server files or folders.


Required Extensions

Make sure that you have DMXzone Server Connect and HTML5 Data Bindings installed in your Dreamweaver, before installing DMXzone File System Management.

DMXzone Server Connect Integration

DMXzone File System Management extension has been integrated within the DMXzone Server Connect and all actions are setup in it. The available actions are listed under the File Management menu.

HTML5 Data Bindings Integration

The action executors are to be setupped in HTML5 Data Bindings extension.

File Management

If file exists

This action checks whether or not a File Exists and requires follow up actions like remove, rename and other. You need to add a path to the file so the check can be performed.

Output results

If you want to use the results after the performed action for additional actions, you need to check the output results checkbox.

File move

This action Moves the File from the designated file location to a specified folder. You can also check a new folder to be created and the file to be overwritten if it already exists in the new location.

File rename

This action Renames the handled File. You need to specify the file path and the new name. You can also use file naming template mask.

File naming template mask

The following masks are available to choose from: {name} filename without extension, {ext} file extension, {_n} generates a _1 number and counting until the file is unique and {guid} generates a unique GUID.

Overwrite existing files

If you enable this options, existing files with the same name will be overwritten.

File copy

This action creates a Copy of the handled File. It's highly useful if you want to create a backup of your files in a new folder, which can be done by combining the actions.

File remove

This action Removes the File from your server.

Folder Management

If folder exists

This action performs a check whether the Directory Exists on the server and requires follow up actions. For example, remove folder or create an empty one.

Create folder

This action creates a New Directory on your server.

Remove folder

The action Deletes an existing Directory.

Empty folder

This action deletes the existing files in the specified folder on your server.

File/folder statistics

Calculate Folder Sizes with files only or full recursive with all nested sub folders.

Folder size

The available options for calculating the folders and files are:

  • Only direct files in the folder - calculates only the files size, without the size of sub folders
  • All files and sub folders - calculates the size of all files and sub folders
  • Do not calculate - doesn't calculate the size of the files nor the sub folders

Folder lists

Using DMXzone File System Connector you can List any Folder with contents from your server to your page and use the content for your galleries, sliders, populate tables or whatever you need.

Only extensions

Enter a coma separated list of the Allowed File Extensions. Only the files with matching extensions with be listed.

Include folders

List not only the files but also the Sub Folders from your server folder, specified in the path field.

Show hidden

List your Hidden Files from the folder, specified in the path field. If you want to list also the Hidden Sub folders, both show folders and show hidden checkboxes should be checked.

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