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First of all, welcome to DMXzone! We are very happy to guide you through the world of DMXzone and Dreamweaver. To get you started with our many extensions and templates we want to give you a hand. First it's important to know what you want to create with our extensions:

Beautiful Photo Galleries

If you want to create stunning photo galleries for your website or app, then these are the right extensions for you to start with. They're supplied with different animations, transitions and stunning effects.

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Interactive & Dynamic Websites and Apps

These are the right tools to improve the UI on your website. Whether you want to add powerful validation to your web forms, integrate a color picker on your page or give your users the ultimate shopping experience, it's all possible with our Interactive extensions.

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Database Driven Solutions

If you first need to build the foundation of dynamic, database driven websites and apps, our server side extensions will help you out. To make things even easier for you, we created two ground base extensions, Server Connect and HTML5 Data Bindings. They provide you with a full visual workflow builder for server side workflows and many ready to go server actions. The best thing is that there's no coding required.

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Mobile Applications

Build your own mobile applications, display beautiful presentations and menus and implement support for native gestures on touch devices. 

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Layout and Design

If you want to create a clean site layout in just a few minutes that will offer your visitors a great UX, our Bootstrap extensions are the perfect tools for you. 

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User-friendly Web Forms

Design your forms fully visual in Dreamweaver and make sure that they are securely validated. Building web forms and having a powerful validation might not seem such a big deal, but it is truly crucial not only for your website security, but also for a good user experience.

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Before you start installing your products  

After you've purchased your extension(s), read our step by step article on how to easily install your extensions. It's explained short and simple, and it will make things much easier for you!

Before you install any extensions, we really recommend you to download our free Extension Manager. It is a very simple and useful program where you can find all of your products. Apart from that you can also download, install and update all of your extensions within the Extension Manager.


Now you're all ready to start creating your own amazing websites. Click here to go explore all our extensions. 

If you have any other questions please contact our Live Support, right at the bottom of your page. For us to be able to help you in the best way possible, see How to get the best support from us. This is especially for the more technical and/or complicated issues.

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Ena has been focused on DMXzone's Marketing & Communication in 2015 and 2016 . She has played a role in the maintenance of our own website, social media, and managing the overall marketing for DMXzone.

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