Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator Reference

More detailed overview of the features

In this article you can see more detailed overview of the options added in Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator and how to use each one. From customizing the fields to creating dynamic select menus, everything can be done with this tool.


Dynamic forms from HTML5 Data Bindings

HTML5 Data Bindings source

Generate your forms automatically from HTML5 Data Bindings data source

Data Source

Choose the data source for the fields generation.

Form type

There are various form types to choose from: horizontal, vertical and inline to fit your site design.

Manage fields

You can add new field, remove an existing one, regenerate all fields from your data source and rearrange them as you wish.

Field properties

You can customize the field properties by name, label, text and value.

Dynamic forms from Server Action input

Server Action Input

Auto generate forms for your database inserts and updates.

Server action

Choose the server action to use as data source for the fields. All server actions needs to be defined in DMXzone Server Connect first.

In site

Choose the site for which the form will be generated.

Form options

You have the same options like the ones from HTML5 Data Bindings data source. You can choose the form type and manage the fields.

Dynamic options

These options are used when you, for example, want to add dynamic select menus in your insert or update record.

Auro generated form

Your forms are instantly generated from the server action input and ready for HTML5 Form Validator.

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