DMXzone Image Processor Reference

More detailed overview of the features in DMXzone Image Processor

In this article you will find more detailed overview of the features, included in DMXzone Image Processor. Also you can see a preview of each and ever effect and image manipulation that you can apply to your image(s). From resizing and cropping to applying transformations and stunning effects, it's all possible.


All options available within DMXzone Server Connect

DMXzone Image Resizer has been integrated within DMXzone Server Connect and its functionality can be easily added from steps.

Load image

Before you do any manupulations, add the path to your image(s) within your site and give a name from the properties.

Resize image

Resize your image(s) for different devices, screens and even create thumbnails. From steps you can add as many sizes as you need.

Get image size

Once executed, this option returns the width and height of the image(s).

Crop image

Use the crop option to improve the composition of the image(s). The x and y axis as well as the width and height can be customized so you can position the crop properly, wherever you need it.

Watermark image

Brand and protect your image(s) with watermark. It can be any image and there are different positions available, where to be placed.

Tiled image

Use an image as a pattern to overlay the original image for more interesting visual effect. Also you can choose the padding between the tiles.

Text to image

There are 12 predefined fonts that you can use to add rich texts to your image(s). Also you can add as many more into the fonts folder within the DMXzone Server Connect folder. From the color picker you can select any color for your text and also position it anywhere you want.

Flip image

The option allows you to flip image(s) vertically or flip horizontally like a mirror.

Rotate image left

Rotates the image by 90 degrees counter clockwise. If you need to rotate it 180 degrees, just add another step to double the rotation.

Rotate image right

Rotates the image by 90 degrees clockwise. If you need to rotate it 180 degrees, just add another step to double the rotation.

Smooth effect

Soften and smooth your image(s), without loosing important details.

Blur effect

Reduce the noise and the details of your image(s) with a blur effect. If you need more blur, simply add more steps.

Sharpen effect

The sharpen effect is mostly used to correct blur captured by scanning images or while taken with a camera. It allows you to improve the contrast of your image(s).

Mean removal effect

Use the mean removal to achieve a "sketchy" effect with your image(s).

Emboss effect

Add emboss effect to your image(s) if you need to stamp and carve them.

Edge detect effect

This effect uses edge detection to highlight the edges in the image(s).

Grayscale effect

Turn your image(s) into a black-and-white one with the grayscale effect.

Sepia effect

Add sepia effect to your image(s) to achieve the retro look of old photos.

Invert effect

Invert your image(s) like a negative with this simple effect.

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There's no better image processor than this

July 30, 2017 by Greta Garberini
We have been waiting for a long time and our expectations were exceeded. We wanted an image processor and we got a little Photoshop ...

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