Replace Server Behaviors with DMXzone Extensions (Part 2)

User authentication replaced by DMXzone Sercurity Provider

In part 1 we already showed you how to create database connection, recordsets, work with repeat regions and more. In this second part of the series we'll show you a comparison between the technologies used in Dreamweaver for User Authentication and how it's done with the more advanced DMXzone extensions - DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP/ASP.NET, DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP/ASP.NET and HTML5 Form Validator.

We strongly suggest you to use DMXzone Server Connect - the new generation tool for visual server code generation and full replacement of the old server behaviors, check the online manual - so you can see how easy to use it is!

Check also all the parts of this article series of how easy it is to switch from Server Behaviors to Server Connect, read part 1, part 2part 3 and part 4


User Authentication vs. DMXzone Security Provider

Deprecated: Dreamweaver Server Behaviors

Dreamweaver allows you to add a server behavior to a user registration page that verifies that the user name is unique before adding that user to your database of registered users.

New: DMXzone Security Provider

DMXzone Security Provider lets you apply advanced security restrictions to your website or web app and decide who has access to what resources.

Log In User vs. Security Provider Builder

Deprecated: Dreamweaver Server Behaviors

You can add a Log In User server behavior to make sure the user name and password users enter are valid. The authentication is only possible if you have a database table containing the user details.

New: DMXzone Security Provider

The most simple way to secure your site and resources is to apply a single user login security for your website. Then, you have just one username and password for all your security needs. But you can create a whole users list with usernames and password where you can add permissions for each user individually. And of course, thanks to the great integration with DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP you can retrieve the users list fully dynamically from your database, define permissions and add conditions per permission that define when the permission is valid.

Restrict Access to Page vs. Security Provider Enforcer

Deprecated: Dreamweaver Server Behaviors

Using the server behaviors you can restrict your page based on username, password and access level and redirect user if access is denied.

New: DMXzone Security Provider

Using DMXzone Security Provider you can restrict the access to any page and do an automatic redirect to a login page or access denied page if a user is not logged in or unauthorized.

Log Out User vs. Control DMXzone Security Provider Executor

Deprecated: Dreamweaver Server Behaviors

Using server behaviors you can choose to logout a user on clicked link or page load.

New: DMXzone Security Provider

Using the control DMXzone Security Provider Executor, you can choose to show the modal login dialog if the user is not logged in or to logout if the user is already logged in. It can be applied to any page element and executed on any event such as mouse click, double click, page load and even onscroll.

Check New Username vs. HTML5 Form Validator & DMXzone Database Connector

Deprecated: Dreamweaver Server Behaviors

The Check New Username server behavior verifies that the requested username is not already in the data source, redirecting the user if it is.

New: HTML5 Form Validator & DMXzone Database Connector

Using both Dreamweaver extensions you can check if a record exists before inserting (or updating) data into your database.

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