Replace Server Behaviors with DMXzone Extensions (Part 4)

Dynamic form elements replaced by Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator

In this part we'll take a quick and closer look on the process of automatically generating forms. If you're missing the old Insert/Update Record Wizard in Dreamweaver, then you should definitely check out our Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator. It's based on the most popular Bootstrap framework, and uses the latest technologies that we implemented in DMXzone Server Connect and HTML5 Data Bindings

We strongly suggest you to use DMXzone Server Connect - the new generation tool for visual server code generation and full replacement of the old server behaviors, check the online manual - so you can see how easy to use it is!

Check also all the parts of this article series of how easy it is to switch from Server Behaviors to Server Connect, read part 1, part 2part 3 and part 4


Dynamic Form Elements vs. Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator

Deprecated: Dreamweaver Server Behaviors

Dreamweaver automatically fills out the record insert/update forms by pulling out data from the database.

New: Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator

In comparison with the old, deprecated Server Behaviors, Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator uses the latest technologies and generates full forms based on HTML5 Data Bindings data source or a Server Connect Action file inputs. You end up with a series of fields that are variable and driven by runtime logic. The form is automatically generated from your data source.

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