DMXzone Zip Processor Support

Pack and unpack files and folders quickly

DMXzone Zip Processor is an amazing DMXzone Server Connect add-on to use for packing and unpacking files, with the industry standard ZIP compression, without writing a single line of code on your page. You can even compress folders, for the quickest backup, optionally with their subfolders. Additionally, use form fields to allow the users to select their own files to be compressed in a new zip file for direct download.

Thanks to the great integration with HTML5 File Upload, allow your users to upload zip files and auto unzip them on your server, or zip the other uploaded files to a single zip archive.

This extension requires DMXzone Server Connect
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Zip and unzip files and folders

Pack and unpack files without a line of code, and also zip any file folder.

Integration with HTML5 File Upload

After upload you can zip your files or unzipped them if they are already packed.

Add any file to the zip

Add additional files such as readme file or instructions.

List zip files content

List the contents of any zip file and use the list as data in DMXzone Server Connect.


Automatically zip files and folders after upload

Add as many files or folders, which will be zipped on your server, once they're uploaded. In order to use the upload function, you need to have HTML5 File Upload extension installed.

Upload a zip file and extract it on the server

The extension allows you to upload compressed files on your server, which will be unzipped once the upload is done. In order to use the upload function, you need to have HTML5 File Upload extension installed.

Built-in comments editor and comments from a file

The editor allows you to add a comment from a file, very useful if you want to add detailed instructions to the zip file. You also have a better overview of your text and can make additional editing.

Add comments to your zip folders

Add a note for yourself or your users. You can add any text in the comment box or load a whole text file from the editor.

Zip files, zip folders, unzip files, zip list and get zip comment in one place

Thanks to the great integration with DMXzone Server Connect, all actions are available from steps.



License: External link
Product: Dreamweaver CS6, Dreamweaver CC+
Required Extensions: DMXzone Server Connect


Version 1.1.2

  • Improved handling of folders recursively in PHP

Version 1.1.0

  • Improved for the latest DMXzone Server Connect and Dreamweaver CC 2017

Version 1.1.0

  • Now with full ASP.NET support for DMXzone Server Connect.

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