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Stunning slideshows for your web project

Improve the user interface of your website by mind-blowing slideshows! Get together your stunning photos or just create amazing presentations with App Connect Slideshow. This slideshow gallery has no jQuery dependence, it is written in pure JavaScript, CSS-based and uses HTML5 W3C standard elements for the highest animation quality.

Choose amazing effects and fully customize them by changing all the parameters. The slideshow has not just awesome navigation controls and bullets paging, but supports swiping, so it fits your website perfectly. You can even use App Connect in combination with Server Connect to create your dynamic-data-driven slideshows with ease!

This extension requires DMXzone App Connect
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Fully Responsive

Mobile friendly and running perfectly on any mobile device.

Stunning Customizable Animations

Change parameters of every animation.

Dynamic Data Sources

Supporting all type of dynamic data sources available in App Connect.

High Performance Image Resizer Built-in

Super performance image resizer and thumbnail generator integrated.

Awesome Animated Captions

Insert titles and description to every picture, any HTML code allowed.

User Friendly Navigation

Great looking navigation controls and bullets paging, accessible in any browser.

Simple to Create But Highly Customizable

No coding required, create fully visual in Dreamweaver.


Highly Customizable Transitions

Everything depends on you! Transition type, duration, direction. Choose and do it in your own way!

Great Swiping Experience

It’s easier than just clicking on arrows, a kind of new generation navigation. It is absolutely responsive and works on desktop, mobile device, even on a spaceship navigation (well, not tested, but…)!

Dynamic Slideshows using Data Sources

Add a slideshow to your dynamic website using App Connect with Server Connect.

Powerful Resizer and Thumbnails Generator Built-in

Photoshop, and then upload, and then it doesn’t fits your project, and then again edit the image in Photoshop, and then upload… No more! Just use the integrated high performance resizer with thumbnails generator included.

6 Main Themes Included

Do you want to choose a specific theme – minimalistic, dark, light? Do it now and the slideshow will fit your website absolutely! 6 options built-in.

Bullet Paging and Arrows Navigation

Go through the slides without clicking on the arrow button every time with our with the coolest bullet paging. Use the arrows (or just swipe, you know) to change the image.

Running Perfectly on Any Device

Use App Connect Slideshow on every single device with great user experience and same functionalities!

Greatly Extensible with Additional Cool Transitions

App Connect Slideshow is extensible with add-ons, bringing to the extension more transition types and animations.



Product: Dreamweaver CC+
Required Extensions: DMXzone App Connect


Version 1.0.5

  • Improved compatibility with Wappler

Version 1.0.4

  • Improved App Connect integration and smarter slide insertion

Version 1.0.3

  • improved touch support for the slideshow navigation

Version 1.0.2

  • Added support for 3D Transitions add-on

Version 1.0.1

  • Added support for 2D Transitions add-on

Version 1.0.0

  • First release!

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