App Connect Slideshow 3D Transitions Support

Great 3D experience in your website

With this add-on you will receive a bunch of awesome real 3D transitions to improve your slideshows in a UX-performed way. All the transitions are fully customizable! And looking great on any device, as well as very simple to use.

Give even more UX power to your images!

You will find the most popular and trendy 3D transitions available on the web, ready to use without coding skills. Blinds, cube, flip, fold, tiles, turn, unfold, it's all possible with our App Connect Sideshow 3D Transitions add-on.

This extension requires App Connect Slideshow
- OR -


Stunning 3D Animated Transitions

Choose from 8 of the most popular and great looking 3D transitions.

Many Customization Options Available

Customize direction, duration, perspective, bars, cols, rows, thickness or delay.

Perfect on Mobile

Same layout on every mobile device or desktop, fully responsive.

Focused on User Experience

That's the best way to impress your users.

Simple To Create

It’s all done, fully visual, no coding required. All you need is App Connect and App Connect Slideshow.


You can choose from 8 transition types in order to fit perfectly with your website: blinds, cube, flip, fold, tiles, turn, unfold. Keep the swiping experience, navigation arrows and the bullets paging.

High Customization

Define every option of the transition: direction, duration, bars, scale, cols, rows, delay, scale, etc. Every single option!

DMXzone App Connect Integrated

All transitions are available within the App Connect panel. Easy and user-friendly!

Fully Responsive and Looking Great on Any Device

Use 3D Transitions on every single device with great user experience and same functionalities, just with App Connect Slideshow.



Required Extensions: App Connect Slideshow


Version 1.0.0

  • First release!

George Petrov

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