well well...

February 9, 2003 by al fiori

The concept is good, although too many errors both text and code.

The errata can be downloaded from the publisher's web site, but i feel the path would be too hardous for a newbie needing too follow the instructions in the book and remember to double check the errata as the code is not working!


March 31, 2003 by Dean Blackborough

It is a good book but with the huge number or errors in the book not a good idea for complete novices. If you check out errata on the website it isn't that bad but you are always guessing as to who made the error when something doesn't work, them or you.

To be fair though it is the only MX PHP book I have ever read and I have managed to convert a very large site accross to MySQL/PHP just from this.

As for the intermediate...

February 27, 2004 by Kutt Niinepuu
this is a good "walkthrough" for PHP and MySQL. I've been using the example login functions given there ever since, and they are more robust than the other (built-in) alternatives in DW. As an added bonus, if you understand what's going on there (in the script) you can easily tailor it to your particular needs. The other strong point in that book lies in adequate coverage of advanced SQL statements and constructs. Again, with a little thought, you can spot the patterns and make up your own advanced queries using the ones given there as examples or starting points.

I have pasted it full of Post-It notes as placeholders for the most usable tutorials :)

If you are using the PHP/MySQL combo, then this book is a must! I'm eagerly awaiting a sequel which will walk me through another common, yet useful, example project...

Really good book, not all text but all code you should know

November 10, 2004 by Chris Charlton
This is a sweet blended shake of MySQL and PHP. Small Chapters with big flavor! I learned a lot from reading these books (I came from ASP background), so it really kicked up my Dreamweaver use of PHP.