Alter a DB Online

If you develop ASP Websites using an Access database, you have probably been faced with the need to change the structure of your database, so what do you do?  First you download your database to your local environment, then you make your changes, then you upload your changed database to your Web server.  Easy enough except sometimes this is not pratical, for instance:

  • Your website/database is in constant use
  • Uploading your database while someone is accessing it can have unpredictable results
  • Database transactions can be lost or corrupted
  • Your database is extremely large

There is an alternative way to alter your database using ASP and SQL.  I will show you some basics:

  1. We will create a database table
  2. We will add a primary key to it
  3. We will add a unique index to it
  4. We will create a view or query


No longer viable

November 28, 2006 by Fran C
The site or domain is no longer online. It's not even alive. Someone should check and either take this tutorial out of the list or post a similar tutorial here.

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