Multiple paramater ASP - Access Database search

This tutorial will explain how to create a database search page, a results page and a detail page using Dreamweaver and Microsoft Access. You will need both these applications and a PC with Windows 98, Windows NT with PWS (Personal Web Server) or Windows 2000 or XP pro with IIS (Internet Information Server) installed in order to complete the tutorial.

NOTE: This tutorial was originally written for Ultradev 4, however, with the exception of a few interface differences, the process is almost identical for Dreamweaver MX and you shouldn't have any problems following the tutorial.

Take a look at the working demo to see how the finished pages will work.

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In addition to developing sites directly for clients I also undertake sub-contract projects developing ASP and database solutions for other web site designers. If you've got a rush job and a fast approaching deadline or you've simply reached a seemingly impassable sticking point within a project, get in touch.

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