mm-ultradev article/rating/comment system

This article, rating and comment application is 99% with UltraDev 4 and MS Access 2000. A few If Then Else statements are used to make things work nicely. It consists of an overview page with the ARTICLE HEADLINES with links to the DETAILED ARTICLE page.

This detailed page has a RATING and COMMENT function at one time. The visitor can RATE the article directly on a scale from 1 to 5 (poor/excellent) and view the result instantly.

It provides NUMBER OF VOTERS, AVERAGE SCORE, HIGHEST SCORE and LOWEST SCORE. The graphical part is based on the AVERAGE score and sets it self of against the MAXIMUM score of 5. A background image is used to make the MAXIMUM score viewable.

The vistor can also give COMMENTS on the article which are NOT neccesary when RATING the article (optional). When he/she does the COMMENT is directly available for viewing on the same page. It gives the COMMENT date and visitors IP address as togehter with the actual comment. Here it is where the If Then Else statements help out ! So when no RATING is made and no COMMENTS are given, everything still looks nice.

The power of this application is due to the SQL statements that are used to retrieve the INFORMATION from the database and manipulate it. Connection string to the DB is custom (!)

Hope you enjoy it and learn from least i did (!)

there are a few un-used SQL statements in the application that can contribute in the statistics overview !


Marcellino Bommezijn

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Back-up again !

January 23, 2003 by Marcellino Bommezijn
Code and tutorial back-up again !


December 26, 2004 by Joey Washburn
Great rating system, simple and efficient.  I am trying to fogure out how to intergrate it with my foru,, so only members can rate an article.  Do you have any ideas on this?

This needs to be updated please

March 29, 2005 by Chris Charlton
To be re-approved, please update links.

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