Advanced form using Flash and PHP

This tutorial is a follow up to my other tutorial 'Form with PHP and Flash', this time I have covered adding elements like a drop down menu and check boxes. This tutorial is for Flash 5 only.

In my last tutorial we looked at creating a simple form in Flash and then sending the information using PHP.
This tutorial is very much a follow up to my Form with PHP and Flash tutorial and I will therefore not cover anything already dealt with by the first one. So if you have yet to read it, please do so before commencing this one.
Now we are going to add a few things to our basic form. Whereas before our contact form contained just 4 fields (name, subject, message and email) I have now added a drop down menu and checkboxes.

You can download the source file for this tutorial here
*The version above will not send anything however try filling in the fields and hitting the send button.
Ok, lets get started.
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