Using Images to submit Forms!

Using this very simple piece of javascript, you can use an image to submit or reset your forms!

1.In Dreamweaver select the image you want to use to submit or reset you form.
2. In the link Box of the Properties palette type the following javascript



Save the document and test!

So now now you are able to use the images that you took so long to make to send your forms!

Alternativley you can add this code at source view

<a href="javascript:document.form1.submit()"><img src="images/your_image.jpg" width="189" height="192" border="0"></a>


<a href="javascript:document.form1.reset()"><img src="images/your_image.jpg" width="189" height="192" border="0"></a>


submit button add

November 27, 2007 by dan sidlik

Hi all -

  did the image to submit/reset a form ... works great ... only what do i need to add to the submit code to get it to email to my box? currently, using just the javacode it submits and i have no idea where it went :)  thanks

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