Mega Bundle Editor PHP 2

This Bundle has been discontinued.

The best selling extensions from DMXzone! Now available in a single bundle!

  • Advanced HTML Editor Version 2
  • Adv HTML Editor Image Gallery AddOn PHP 
  • Pure PHP Upload2
  • Pure PHP Add-On Pack
  • Smart Image Processor PHP
  • File Genie PHP
  • Advanced Open Window 3
The richest popup script available
One click upload file to the server. Do a PHP File Upload in seconds!
A bundle of high quality extensions to be used together with Pure PHP Upload 2.
Create web pages containing lists of files from your server folders
Add cross browser, great looking fully visual html editor to your sites

The Mega Bundle Editor PHP features:

  • Advanced HTML Editor version 2
    Enrich your forms with a fully customizable Online HTML Editor version 2.
    Build your own CMS in minutes! Let your users create formatted content without having to know HTML! You can make the editor fit your design by choosing from several predefined designs, add your own style sheets for formatting of the text and more.


  • Adv HTML Editor Image Gallery AddOn PHP
    The Image Gallery Addon PHP for the Advanced HTML Editor 2 extension allows you to provide your users with a rich set of gallery possibilities. The Image Gallery Addon allows them to choose the images they want to insert into their online editor from a configurable user-friendly pop-up.


  • Pure PHP Upload
    One click upload file to the server. Everything you love with the Pure ASP Upload extension now for PHP! Do a PHP File Upload in seconds!

    Image size check before and after the upload, full integration with DMX PHP MySQL and its Insert / Update Server Behavior, generate unique filenames and dynamic upload folders!

    No extra coding needed. No server components required! Its all PURE PHP CODE!


  • Pure PHP Upload Add-On Pack
    This extension is a bundle of high quality extensions to be used to gether with Pure PHP Upload extension! You don't need to write any additional code it is all click and use!

    The extension includes the following Server Behaviors which are fully Dreamweaver MX compatible:

    • Delete File(s) Before Record
    • Delete File(s) Before Update
    • Renamed Uploaded Files
    • Mail Uploaded Files


  • Smart Image Processor PHP
    Is a powerfull Image Resize extension that will allow you to quickly and easily resize images after you have uploaded them and create thumbnails of the uploaded files.


  • File Genie PHP
    This suite of extensions will allow you to very easy create web pages containing lists of files from your server folders. Make web photo albums on the fly! Multi column thumbnail views! No need for a database!


  • Advanced Open Window
    Offers the richest popup script available! Open any content - html pages, images, Quick Time or other movies and Flash movies automatically in a new popup window! Resize the popup window to fit the image/movie exactly!

    Make your own slideshows with cool transitions! Automatic popup size based on image dimensions! Position the window anywhere on the screen! And much more!


Type: Suite
Product: Dreamweaver MX, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8
Server Model: PHP MySQL

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