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Building a Menu Bar with Flash MX 2004 Professional

Good Tutorial
March 6, 2004 by Wayne Fogell

This tuturial does an outstanding job of teaching one how to set-up a basic MenuBar component, with multilevel dropdown, submenus.

However, I would have preferred more information on how to format MenuBar labels in cases where there are few labels for a long bar. Thus, how would one add space prior to the first label or position the first label towards the center? Also, how would one change the font types/color from basic sans serif Arial/black?

Menubar Link
April 29, 2004 by han thai

I was very help about I followed your instruction to create the menubar however you were not show to make a link on the menubar.  Would you show me?

Thank you,


RE: Menubar Link
April 30, 2004 by han thai

the tuturial does a good job to make a menubar however it does not mention anything about how to make a link on the menubar work.  Would someone email to me how to create the link for this menubar?

Thank you,


What a Disappointment!
January 17, 2005 by David Watkinson
Instead of telling you how to build a working menu bar, it tells you how to make some labels, then ends with: "In next weeks tutorial we'll look at how we can create handlers for our menu items and make the menu do something useful." So where is next weeks tutorial? I can't find anything to tell me how to make this worthless menu bar "do something useful." CAN ANYONE HELP?