Connecting WordPress with Social Media II

Previously, Linda wrote about how to get started with connecting your WordPress (WP) blog with social media. In this article, she provides even more ways to make your blog totally social, with a list of 25 plugins for WP and more.

Connecting WordPress with Social Media

If you have blog content, you may want your readers to share that content. In this article, Linda offers a variety of ways to help your readers share what you've written. The focus in this article is on Gravatar, avatars and linking to social media through WordPress Global.

What to Do if Your Site has been Hacked

What if you uploaded a blog, committed to backups, installed all the right plugins (like a firewall) and kept WordPress up to date and still get hacked? In this article, Linda explains how to handle that situation.

Waiting for WordPress 3

Hold onto your socks – WordPress is about to release version 3.0. What does this mean? Linda explains all in this article...

Static Front Pages and Stores within WordPress

What if you're too busy to run a blog? What if you want to use WordPress as a static site with a store? In this article, Linda will answer both those questions with ways to resolve your goals.

Themes that are Totally WordPress Compatible

In past articles, Linda mentioned that she uses the Hybrid Theme for WordPress. In this article, she points to other themes that WordPress feels are totally compatible with that blogging platform.

How to Control Your Users in WordPress

If you're concerned about how to label your users in your WordPress blog, never fear. Linda defines those roles so that you don't allow strangers total access and deny friends the same access.

WordPress Permalinks, Feeds and Subscriptions

In this article, Linda tackles some issues that can help others notice your blog through the use of Permalinks, feed and subscriptions.

Working WordPress to SEO Advantage

One of the final steps to making your blog SEO friendly is to use WordPress tools to push that blog over the edge. In this article, Linda shows you how to get that WordPress SEO advantage.

Creating Readable SEO Content for Your Blog

If you have trouble building blog content that gets noticed, you might need help with structure and SEO. Structure, along with words that make searches engines happy is what Linda tackles in this article.

Why Are You Creating a Blog? Useful Content is Key

A blog requires content, especially if you expect readers and if you want to make money from that readership. In this article, Linda discusses writing issues such as how to find content, how to make a writing plan, and how to maintain a consistent schedule for your writing.

Creating a Gallery in WordPress without Plugins

In this article, Linda shows how to create a simple gallery within WordPress without plugins...but she also points readers to plugins that really work.

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