Data Mining Resources for Designers and Developers

Linda offers deals for designers and developers to mine their resources and to develop markets for products and services.

What Are You Doing with Your Data?

Do you have a list of prior customers or vendors? How do you compile that information, and do you use it to benefit your business? In this article, Linda begins to look at how data mining can help increase your sales and services.

What Geek Mama Wants for the Holidays

Are you a wimp when it comes to making out a wish list for the holidays? Let geek mama show you how to construct a wish matter your gender. You can also join DMXzone's Christmas wish list and receive some great discounts.

How to Use “Shop Local” to Your Advantage

You may have heard about “Shop Local” campaigns, but you may have felt that this is a retail deal. Not so – in this article, Linda explains how “Shop Local” campaigns can work to a service business's advantage, too.

70 Open Source Resources for Designers

Linda offers some great deals for designers – open source Web sites and sources that are easy on designers' wallets, because they're free.

Designer Roots: 50 Art History Sites Worth Bookmarking

Art history might seem archaic and suffocating, but it also provides resources for inspiration. In this article, Linda provides links to 25 art history Web sites and 25 art history blogs worth perusing for insights.

Timing Your Publicity, Tuning Your PR

How adept are you at your own public relations? In this article, Linda shows how you can tune and time your PR to get the maximum results for your efforts.

Twitter: An old friend dresses up for Halloween

The timing is auspicious...Twitter dons a new face just prior to Halloween. Linda looks at the results and asks...Is it a mask or for real?

Learn Marketing (and create work) from Rural Development

Linda reaches into the hinterlands to find tips on how to market small business from – of all places – small towns.

40 Job Sites for Designers, Developers and Creatives

Look for design work or are you looking for additional freelance jobs? Linda offers an easy reference for designers, developers and creatives to find jobs on the Internet.

Blogger: A blogging option for novices and pros

In this article, Linda takes a new look at Google's Blogger as an option for eliminating self-hosting.

51 Web Apps for Designers and Developers

In this article, Linda lays out 51 Web apps that you may be able to use for your home or independent design and development business.

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