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Setting Up IIS 5 under Windows 2000 Professional

good idea but...
October 2, 2001 by Michael Rudge
is there an english version?
RE: good idea but...
October 5, 2001 by Stefanie Guim

Hello Michael,

Sorry about the German screenshots. However, please refer to the introductoty notes. I clearly state there I only can provide German screenshots but will use the English names in the tutorial.

The reason is, I am working with a German system ...


MIssing the most important step
October 5, 2001 by Todd McConnell
You are missing the most important step to running IIS - Keeping it Secure!  IIS has many holes in it with the original install.  Make sure that you apply all the security updates from the Microsoft web site.  Within 5 minutes of installing IIS on my machine I was infected with Code Red (which is easily removed).  Right now my webserver sees more traffic that are attacks from other IIS machines that have the Nimda virus.  This was a good tutorial and shows the basics.
RE: RE: good idea but...
October 6, 2001 by Michael Rudge
Thanks for the tutorial
October 26, 2001 by teddy dako


thanks for this tutorial. I've been looking for an answer to my question if it's possible to install IIS 5 on a PC with Win2000 Pro. Should have come to this site long ago. WOuld have saved me a lot of time. But anyway, never too late.

I'll be installing IIS 5 right away.


Stephanie, you are great!
November 1, 2001 by Ed Burckhardt

God bless you dear! I was at a loss after 3 years of using Win98 and PWS, I went to Google and bingo! Your UDZONE link was there. Thanks a lot. And, thanks to the great people at UDZONE.

Ed Burckhardt

Setting up the SMTP server
November 2, 2001 by Kevin Waide

Really good tutorial.  I had to stumble through the installation without the aid of a tutorial.  I wish I had thought to check here for one.

One important thing you left out: configuring your server to send CDOMail.  to do this, you must go Start>Run and in the box type regsvr32 c:\winnt\system32\cdonts.dll to register the cdonts.dll.  This is important if you're want to autogenerate and send e-mail from your site.

Just thought I'd let you know.


This is not IIS
January 15, 2002 by Xisco Luque

This tutorial is not tlaking about IIS.

It explain how to work with "Personal Web Server", a litle program of Microsoft to publish web pages, too minor than IIS.

Please, when you publish a tutorial, be assure that you are giving the correct information.

IIS 5 under XP pro
January 27, 2002 by Dean Pybus

you think you have trouble, I follow the details that come with UD, it does not even mention XP, I keep getting error messages, can some one advise me please.

regards Dean



Incorrect info
February 11, 2002 by Tim Plesman
Like someone said before, please edit this article, this isn't IIS in its full functionallity, but a simple, easy-to-configure server called PWS, it has got the power of IIS, but you can't configure it like that.
RE: Incorrect info
February 12, 2002 by Waldo Smeets
Well I think you can. But you need to have the correct windows-parts to be installed on your pc. But please correct me when I am wrong.
don't forget IIS security and bugs
March 1, 2002 by Dennis van Galen

This is IIS 5, even if some people are confused.
What you describe is the easiest way to get it running, but it isn't secured at all.
For a really good guide to installing and configuring IIS 5 look here:

Especially this one:
Or grab the entire zip file which will show you how to secure your win2k setup.


IIS setup and config.
March 3, 2002 by robert mcculloch

Stefanie, I have had much the same experiance , IIS information is hard to find. But after hours of poking around the Microsoft web site and the Internet, I found a great IIS information resource. Go to:

The url speaks for it's location. I've been all over these pages and I'm still not well versed on how to run IIS. It's just so vast and foreign to me. I have a few simple issues I have not been able to resolve and they keep me from making head way in my efforts to understand  and use IIS.

For me at least, the lack of a real person to ask a few questions has been the problem. I upgraded to XP and just installed another server by AbriaSoft because  the version of IIS that comes with XP pro can only run one site at a time. What to do?

The new server started up right away and works well, but it's back the the drawing board. It has php and sql built in and working! What a nice surprise. - check it out at Thank you Stefanie!


Robert McCulloch

A truly appalling tutorial
July 22, 2002 by Grahame Fendle

Doesn't anyone review these tutorials before they are uploaded?

IIS under Win2k is one of the reasons microsoft is lambasted over security issues.

If you follow this tutorial you will now be running an insecure server with an open mail relay. Well done, and congratualtions to potentially helping the spammers of the world by adding another mail server they can utilise.

Where is mentions of IISLockDown? Why instal FP extensions when you probably don't need them, and they are an additional security risk. Why run an FTP server with anonymous access, and where is any mention of security whatsoever.

For the professionals among us, the tutorial is a joke, and I'd just like to thank the auther for helping to make Microsoft and IIS the laughing stock of the security conscious world.

RE: A truly appalling tutorial
July 22, 2002 by George Petrov
Well maybe you can post an improved tutorial more concerned about the security?
RE: A truly appalling tutorial
July 22, 2002 by Grahame Fendle

You're right, George, I could. However, the tutorials will be consideraly longer and not a quick fix, which is what most people are looking for these days.

I'm happy to do it, but I won't be able to post for a few days. Okay?

RE: IIS setup and config.
July 23, 2002 by Johnny morris

It is true that you can only run one "site" at a time, but it is possible to specify each website as a virtual directory under this site allowing you to run as many 'virtual' sites as you want!!. I have 15 sites running on IIS 5.0.

There are issues, why didn't microsoft addresses these. Documentation is crap! putting it politely. I have spent many hours trawling microsofts' site for info on IIS 5 with little or no joy in finding my fix.

This security now scares the hell out of me! how long does it take to get a grasp on this server. where can we find an all singing all dancing tutorial???

RE: RE: IIS setup and config.
July 31, 2002 by nadeem shahzad

can anyone give me information on how to set up the IIS for one web site the documentation is not very helpful,I would also like information on how to set up multiple site on the server having only 1 ip address

Assistance would be much appriciated

For personal use
December 27, 2003 by Marcellino Bommezijn

This tutorial is good enough for just testing your webpages local, but not for a live webserver.

A very good resource for me was the IISFAQ and related websites (also links to Microsoft articles). Also a lot of security issues are covered here.