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Creating a Simple Email Form in PHP

April 6, 2004 by Brandon Larsen
I didn't know where to put what. Do i put the last chunk of php code inside the form tag? does the hidden field need to be just after the form tag or after the input fields? Can you show the whole form with php so i can see how the entire thing is coded?
This tutorial is very sketchy
May 17, 2004 by kirk strandberg

This tutorial was obviously written very quickly and without regard to its audience. (beginner) It is not comprehensive enough to put it together easily without understanding how php works. The author obviously knows his stuff but that is the problem and as such the tutorial is more positioned to the next level who I would suspect would already know how to do this stuff. e.g It shows you a form but does not explain how the script relates to the form fields or even how you could adapt the script to your own form. It really needs a work through to meet the criteria of the beginner.This is the first tutorial I have purchased and I have to say am disapointed


RE: This tutorial is very sketchy
May 19, 2004 by Bruce Lawson

Hmm, I think we've got this problem because of a difference in what people perceive as being "beginner".  If you say you're a beginner and didn't understand this, I'm amending the level to be "intermediate" so it doesn't cause confusion again.

However, before you go off feeling disappointed, I've opened up a forum so you can ask questions of the author directly if you've purchased the tutorial, so that you can get your money's worth.

RE: This tutorial is very sketchy
August 16, 2005 by ryan ryan
Personally, I think this tutorial was very helpful. I downloaded it and have referenced it many times in the last few months. It explains a very simple way to make this work, and while there is a typo or two, overall it was definitly worth the purchase.
Not Bad
June 11, 2007 by eric morgar
You definitely need a little programming experience to understand this - like JavaScript for example. But the article is pretty good. Worth the $3.00.