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won't work

Reported 23 Jan 2010 15:16:38
has this problem
23 Jan 2010 15:16:38 Helle M posted:
Using PureUpload 3, I get error! Choosing the upload folder, it won't let me choose the folder, but only the one (HavlitGalleri) not the subfolder (images) under HavlitGalleri ???


After putting in resize and thumb using IP 2.5.2. and trying to test the page locally, I get this:

Active Server Pages error'ASP 0116'

Script limit is not closed

/Havlit/ScriptLibrary/incSIP2Class.asp, linje 1

Blokken Script is missing program code, there will finish the script (%>.

I would also love the widht and height fields "easy setup" back as it was in previous extension, please.


Replied 24 Jan 2010 00:14:45
24 Jan 2010 00:14:45 George Petrov replied:
Hi Helle,

As for the troubles with folder selection in Dreamweaver - this is a bug in Windows Vista SP2+ and Windows 7

Adobe has issued an internal Dreamweaver hotfix for this - I will send it to you.

As for the Smart Image Processor - the latest version is 2.5.4 - sp please download and install the latest.

Replied 30 Jan 2010 14:17:09
30 Jan 2010 14:17:09 Helle M replied:
okay thanks, I will wait for the mail
Replied 05 Feb 2010 10:57:06
05 Feb 2010 10:57:06 Patrick Julicher replied:
Hi Helle,

A new version of SIP was released last wednesday. Could you download and install that to see if that corrects your problem?

Kind regards, Patrick

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