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Installer dosent accept valid dmx zone login credentials

Reported 12 Feb 2010 00:30:18
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12 Feb 2010 00:30:18 Ryan Galloway posted:
I bought pure asp upload 3.0 just over a year ago - just got round to using it - dont ask!

Anyway.. installed fine into adobe extention manager, restarted DW and got prompt to finalise installation. At screen where i was to enter my dmx zone login credentials it just kept reporting that they were incorrect - (I was even cuttin/pasting from a reminder email). But!! the very same credentials were fine to login into dmx zone website.

I ended up changing my password to something more simpler, the installed then accepted this first time.

my original password that was causing the issue was a strong one containg letters, numbers and symbols. My password did contain '+' and '=' sysmbols so im guessing your installer not handeling that?

DMXzone - If this is not a known issue and you want my proper original password for testing purpose please email me.
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Replied 13 Feb 2010 20:25:30
13 Feb 2010 20:25:30 Patrick Julicher replied:
Hi Ryan,

Thanks for bringin this to our attention. I will simply try by changing my own password and we'll see what happens.

Kind regards, Patrick

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