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Upload problems on server2008R2 IIS 7.5

Reported 25 Aug 2011 12:32:44
has this problem
25 Aug 2011 12:32:44 Didier Glorieux posted:
I'm allready looking for 2 days why we get errors when using the upload component.
we are located at server2008R2 with IIS 7.5.
it seems the while the uploading is happening a RADxxx.tmp file is created in the destination folder.. but stops there.
So it leaves us with a RADxxx.tmp file.
I activated FAiled Request Tracing and there we get an error that locates the problem.
this is always like :
ASP script trace com call start
asp script trace com call end

and at the END part we get this error :

LineNumber 903
CurrentStatement tempStream.Open()
SizeOfStatement 17

so the incpu3class.asp file geves problem with tempStream.open()

this seems a problem on ALL IIS 7.5 servers since we have over 20 servers running and 15 in blade configuration,on all IIS 7.5 we have the same problem...

I think that the content-length of adding AddHeader can no be used (if it is used)

any idea what we must change or into what we can change the code so to make it work?


Replied 25 Sep 2011 20:36:46
25 Sep 2011 20:36:46 Didier Glorieux replied:
really no one with one solution or same problem on 2008 R2?

If we can not solve this in a short time, we must quit dmx plugin and start with an other one...
it seems that the content header is the problem.... net is bulking of other plugins like pdf creators with same header content problem on 2008R2.

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