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Pure Upload - upload folder contents and attach to one record in database

Asked 05 Dec 2011 23:38:26
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05 Dec 2011 23:38:26 Jay Pena posted:
I have a simple website to build, but the client just tricked me up - this is for online auto sales. He wants to upload roughly 80 pics for each auto. Versus putting 80 file fields on one page how do I upload an entire folders contents (all the pics of the one auto) to a newly created folder on the fly and they be attached to that auto's record in database? Or to upload all the pics into one folder all the time, but the filename gets updated with the record ID as well so I can call on the pics by that record ID. I have both asp and php upload - please advise.


Replied 06 Dec 2011 10:46:57
06 Dec 2011 10:46:57 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Jay Pena.

If you got 80 photos per car , it will be better to upload the pictures for each car in different folder and to create almost one same recordset for each car, where you will change only the id of the folder. Otherwise you will achieve misunderstood soon , but that's in my opinion.
Replied 07 Dec 2011 00:35:11
07 Dec 2011 00:35:11 Jay Pena replied:
Vulev that is exactly what I would like to do, but how do you have a new folder created on the fly for all the cars of one record?
Replied 07 Dec 2011 00:36:36
07 Dec 2011 00:36:36 Jay Pena replied:
I wan tmy client to go to a cms and add a new car and then upload all the photos for that car to a folder that is tied to the record id. (that is why I am saying build the folder on the fly)

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