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Host server file size limit

Asked 10 Jan 2013 21:19:34
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10 Jan 2013 21:19:34 Christine T posted:
Pretty sure of the answer but have to ask.
If my host's server has a file upload size limitation of 200kb for ASP, won't this extension's scripts have to adhere to that?
If so, I should've purchased the PHP extension.


Replied 11 Jan 2013 07:33:23
11 Jan 2013 07:33:23 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Christine.

You should ask your server administrator to increase the filesize upload limitation on the hosting server.

Replied 11 Jan 2013 10:47:42
11 Jan 2013 10:47:42 Christine T replied:
I asked a couple years ago and that's not going to happen. They're a very large commercial host serving the public and will not increase file size for just my needs. Thanks anyway....
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