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CSS not valid??

Reported 16 Dec 2009 17:50:09
has this problem
16 Dec 2009 17:50:09 Rick G posted:
I am getting a lot of css warnings and the styles from dmxNavigationMenu.css are not validating. I do have the menu output modded a good bit (nested repeats to populate drop downs and static as well as dynamic links) but I didn't modify much of the css apart from colors and background images. Id rather not post a link to this development site on a public forum but if you would like to see an example shoot me a pm (if you can?) and I can provide a link.

.dmxNavigationMenu li Property zoom doesn't exist :  1

.dmxNavigationMenu ul.horizontal > li	Value Error : display -moz-inline-stack is not a display value : -moz-inline-stack

.dmxNavigationMenu ul.horizontal > li Property zoom doesn't exist : 1

.dmxNavigationMenu ul.horizontal > li Parse Error *display: inline;

.dmxNavigationMenu ul.sub Parse Error [: bottom; } .dmxNavigationMenu ul.mega]

.dmxNavigationMenu li a Property zoom doesn't exist : 1

.dmxNavigationMenu ul.horizontal > li > a Parse Error *display: inline;

.dmxNavigationMenu ul.horizontal > li > a Parse Error } 


Also (CS4 Mac osx) the dynamic integration leaves a lot to be desired as it was throwing a lot of javascript errors within dreamweaver. I didn't bother clearing the dreamweaver cache and just hand coded around it tho[]

Still, this is a good product and was very very helpful in creating a dynamic menu.

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Replied 16 Dec 2009 18:36:33
16 Dec 2009 18:36:33 George Petrov replied:
Hi Rick,

The CSS unfortunately will never validate as we use a lot of browser hacks in it to make it cross browser compatible.

The Generated HTML should validate fine.

Try the latest update it should work fine in Dreamweaver also on the mac


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