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Template issue in Dreamweaver CS3

Reported 31 Mar 2010 07:54:12
has this problem
31 Mar 2010 07:54:12 Jon Hoagland posted:
When I create a menu in DW CS3, then save it over as a template, the following issues happen...I am sorry for the length, is hard to explain
  • When reopening the template page, the the js links and dmx navigation menu link are added and then deleted.
  • This only happens if saved as template
  • If saved as regular cfm file, everything works fine
  • It seems to be related to the head tag. It's re-adding a second set of js links and dmx navigation menu link, then removing then, but not completely, leaving behind the IE7 fix comment and a open and close script tag. If saved, closed and reopened, it continues adding additional IE7 fix comments. This is the comment...
  • <!--[if lt IE 7]><script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="Styles/IE7.js"></script><![endif]-->
  • Templates need editable regions for the title. There is an editable region for the head tag as well, but cannot have the region for the title enclosed in the head region, so the head region tag starts just past the title region.
  • If remove the title region and put head tag where it should go, still happens, except deletes the links below the head tag and rewrites the links above the opening head tag with the comment still left behind.
  • For any page this menu is attached to, a dialog box pops on opening warning the code is locked, because the template is trying to change the locked code on the page.
  • I wrote the first edition of the web site with 4level menus...it's starting to look good again! I really need use a template for updates and maintenance and would like to use the Universal menus.

Let me know what can be done to resolve this...
Thanks much, Jon

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