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Universal CSS Navigation Menu behind HTML5 Slideshow

Reported 07 Nov 2014 15:01:51
has this problem
07 Nov 2014 15:01:51 Gerald Deloff posted:
I have Universal CSS Navigation Menu and HTML5 Slideshow on the same page. I've tried changing/adding some z-index values in the style sheet, but I can't seem to get the drop-down menus to show on top of the slideshow. Any suggestions? Thanks.



Replied 07 Nov 2014 15:04:50
07 Nov 2014 15:04:50 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Gerald,
Please provide a link to your page
Replied 07 Nov 2014 15:07:52
07 Nov 2014 15:07:52 Gerald Deloff replied:

You can try the other pages to see the menu works ok over an image without the slideshow.
Replied 07 Nov 2014 15:27:30
07 Nov 2014 15:27:30 Gerald Deloff replied:
Teodor, I managed to find the proper place to add a larger z-index, in the header DIV. All seems good now.


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