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Problem with DW2015

Reported 30 Jun 2015 14:37:09
has this problem
30 Jun 2015 14:37:09 Mason Van Tassel posted:
When i open to create or edit,
nothing works, links are not in right place,

Have uninstalled and reinstalled, still no joy.

Mason Van Tassel -


Replied 03 Jul 2015 08:51:56
03 Jul 2015 08:51:56 George Petrov replied:
HI Mason,

Yes there is a minor UI problem due to a bug in the new DW CC 2015.
We are already massively updating all our extension with fix for it, and Universal CSS Menu will be also updated very soon. Probably in the next week - max two.

Replied 04 Jul 2015 14:28:24
04 Jul 2015 14:28:24 Mason Van Tassel replied:
Thanks, George
I figured it was something like that

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