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Why is this populating below my site?

Asked 17 Aug 2012 17:39:24
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17 Aug 2012 17:39:24 Jessy Judson posted:
Why is this populating below my site, I've tried making your AP element and attaching it to that as well as just attaching it to my pages .main div.

You guys really need a better manual for this add-on your videos are not nearly enough in depth.


Replied 20 Aug 2012 06:42:58
20 Aug 2012 06:42:58 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Jessy.

If you need to display the Visualizer when your page is loaded, you should apply the auto play function in the User Interface of the HTML5 MP3 player.

Regards : Vulcho.
Replied 26 Aug 2012 18:57:03
26 Aug 2012 18:57:03 Jessy Judson replied:
Hey, that was not the issue it was a stupid syntax error on my part.

Wondering now why this won't work on Iphone's, Ipads or Android phones.

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