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The HTML5 Data Extensions updated

Asked 29 Nov 2015 16:30:53
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29 Nov 2015 16:30:53 David Thurston posted:
The HTML5 Data Extensions must have been updated since the manuals were written.

For example:

When doing the tutorial for paging it says:

"When you are done adding paging control behaviors click the go to first page link (1), select its container <a> in the properties inspector (2), under link select first (3) and bind to: (4). When you’re done, click bind button (5). This way we ensure the go to first page control is only visible when data is available and it is not visible on the first page with records"

I only get a dropdown box with Text, HTML, Image or iFrame and then insert.

Where can I find out how to do this now?

Also my "Control HTML5 Data Bindings" Window is different to those in the video here:

I have Action, Name and Go To but not Name, Action and Database Action,

This is making it all very difficult to learn!


Replied 30 Nov 2015 08:35:10
30 Nov 2015 08:35:10 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello David,
If you only see "Text, HTML, Image or iFrame" then, you have not properly selected the <a> tag. Make sure to click it in the properties inspector and you will see the options, shown in the manual.
Replied 30 Nov 2015 11:54:23
30 Nov 2015 11:54:23 David Thurston replied:
I can assure you that I definitely have the <a> tag selected:

Replied 30 Nov 2015 11:57:25
30 Nov 2015 11:57:25 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
It appears the DW does not refresh the content of the dropdown properly.
Please make sure to select the <a> tag in Design view (not in code view) and then follow the steps:
It should show you the proper content then.
Replied 30 Nov 2015 12:02:19
30 Nov 2015 12:02:19 David Thurston replied:
I am selecting the <a> tag in design view. But I am still not getting the correct options.
Replied 30 Nov 2015 12:07:09
30 Nov 2015 12:07:09 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Please try closing and opening the HTML5 Data Bindings Panel / Reinstalling it using the DMXzone EM. It might be some DW cache issue.
Replied 30 Nov 2015 12:24:30
30 Nov 2015 12:24:30 David Thurston replied:
OK I have done all that, and I have cleared the DW cache and I am still having problems!
Replied 01 Dec 2015 13:13:28
01 Dec 2015 13:13:28 David Thurston replied:
I was definitely selecting the <a> tag (I have been using Dreamweaver for 15+ years).

I think the problem was that the install of DW was corrupt, I have uninstalled and reinstalled DW and all the extensions and all is working fine now!

On to the next thing that my small brain will not comprehend........
Replied 01 Dec 2015 13:29:18
01 Dec 2015 13:29:18 David Thurston replied:
OK, next issue:

When adding the behaviour to the <a> tag the manual shows the options as:

Yes the extensions is actually showing me these options:

Please can you give me some direction about this?

Replied 01 Dec 2015 13:33:09
01 Dec 2015 13:33:09 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Open the Action dropdown and select the proper action that you need.

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