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HTML5 Data Bindings State Management

Asked 25 Mar 2016 21:49:53
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25 Mar 2016 21:49:53 manuel pinto posted:
Watching the tutorial "Keeping Pagination State with HTML5 Data Bindings State Management" on youtube i winder to know how to get the HTML5 Data Bindings State Management because i don't see it on behaviours options?


Replied 25 Mar 2016 22:07:34
25 Mar 2016 22:07:34 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Manuel,
The extension will be released on Wednesday, March 26
Replied 25 Mar 2016 22:08:46
25 Mar 2016 22:08:46 manuel pinto replied:
Ok. Thanks
Replied 25 Mar 2016 22:09:49
25 Mar 2016 22:09:49 manuel pinto replied:
What about the DMXzone Mailer, when it will be released?
Replied 25 Mar 2016 22:11:39
25 Mar 2016 22:11:39 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
It is coming really soon also. I don't have an exact release date for it yet, but soon there will be news about it on our website.
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