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db insert is working, the single file upload is not

Reported 12 Sep 2018 15:38:54
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12 Sep 2018 15:38:54 Glenn Williams posted:
hello tech support,

i am trying to use your DMXzone components to upload a single image file and insert its name in our database. I am following this video tutorial.

the db insert is working, the single file upload is not.

here is my test page:

the console error message is:
POST 500 ( Internal Error )



Replied 21 Sep 2018 18:01:26
21 Sep 2018 18:01:26 Glenn Williams replied:
hello Teodor,

excellent, it worked. Moving the Bin folder ( and its dll file ) to the root level did the trick.

the file was uploaded, and the re-sized and thumbnail actions both work.

thank you.

i am going to do some more testing and refining to the page ( for example, adding the db insert ). if i have any issues, i will post them here. thank you for your help and persistence.

Replied 25 Sep 2018 14:20:55
25 Sep 2018 14:20:55 Glenn Williams replied:
Hello Teodor,

this issue has been solve. I am OK with closing this ticket.

i have a different issue that i will need your help ( i think possibly having to do with dynamic attributes ... ) but will open a new ticket for that.

thank you!


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