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Extending the Flash/XML Photo Gallery Support Product Page

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Extending the Flash/XML Photo Gallery

Reported 24 Mar 2005 01:26:39
has this problem
24 Mar 2005 01:26:39 Alan Porterfield posted:
I was trying to download the source files. but they appear to be corrupt. I'm not sure where to notify someone of this and I am hoping that someone monitoring this forum will be able to fix it. Thanks!


Replied 24 Mar 2005 01:36:09
24 Mar 2005 01:36:09 Sas Jacobs replied:
Hi Alan

I'm able to download the files without a problem so I expect that your cookies have corrupted. Can you delete them and try again?

If you're still having problems, let me know your email address and I'll email the zip file to you.


Replied 24 Mar 2005 17:45:11
24 Mar 2005 17:45:11 Alan Porterfield replied:
the file name is "part 3 resources.zip" or part%203%20resources.zip. When I download it with firebird it names the file "part" so then I renamed the fiel "part 3 resources.zip" and it worked. must be the spaces.


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