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Insert/ Update the same Request/ Form Variable in multiple Fields of Database Table using DW Insert/Update behaviour

Unfortunately by default it is not possible to Insert or Update the same Request/ Form Variable in multiple Fields of Database Table while using DW Insert/ Update Server Behaviour. Well you have to handcode few lines only and its done.
So lets see what we can do about it!

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Setting NTFS Folder Permissions for IUSR account

This Tutorial is for Newbies. It is fairly simple to set the Ntfs Folder permissions. So i will just demonstrate here step by step how easy it is Read More
Server Side

Multiple paramater ASP - Access Database search

This tutorial will explain how to create a database search page, a results page and a detail page using Dreamweaver and Microsoft Access. You will need both these applications and a PC with Windows 98, Windows NT with PWS (Personal Web Server) or Windows 2000 or XP pro with IIS (Internet Information Server) installed in order to complete the tutorial.

NOTE: This tutorial was originally written for Ultradev 4, however, with the exception of a few interface differences, the process is almost identical for Dreamweaver MX and you shouldn't have any problems following the tutorial.

Take a look at the working demo to see how the finished pages will work. Read More

Using DBManager to Configure MySQL

It is sometimes daunting for a beginner to configure and use the MySQL database engine. A good GUI can help no end. My favourite Windows-based GUI is called DBManager, and is available from www.dbtools.com.br.

This tutorial assumes you have read and followed my two earlier tutorials, on installing Apache and PHP, and on installing MySQL.


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Database Programming with mySQL and PHP

This tutorial is mainly intend to the audience who already has a little background on databases and want to do database programming in mySQL and PHP. If you are in a real hurry I suppose you can rush to the summery straight away. Read More
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Resize Images more than once with Smart Image Processor extension

Resize Image more than Once Using Smart Image Processor Extension Read More
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Installing PHP as CGI binary (on Windows Platform)

This is a set of Instruction rather than a tutorial, for those who want to get the PHP up and running as soon as possible. I'll be looking forward to discuss more PHP with you in the future. So this could be a good starting point. Read More
Server Side

Configuring Apache 2 and PHP 4 for Windows

This tutorial is designed to help you set up a server environment for using PHP with Dreamweaver on a Windows platform. The tutorial recommends using the Apache Web Server, Windows Installer Version, and zipped source code for PHP. Read More

Inserting Data into Multiple Rows of Database

This is in response to a user that is "looking for a tutorial on inserting data from a UD4 form into multiple rows of a SQL Server database table." Read More

JS Random Images Script

A random image helps keep your page looking fresh for returning users instead of the same static image everytime.  The following is the code used to create a random images on a website everytime the page is refreshed. This is an exmple of JS code that you WOULD put between the HEAD tags. The <body> JS code (where you want to call the action) goes right where you want the images to appear.  It's really easy. You can use as many images as you want (in mine you can see I chose 6).  A link to the working model of this code is at: http://www.jdotnet.net/Creations.  All you need to do is keep refreshing the page and you'll see the images in the header change out each time.  Hope this helps some of you and have fun programming! Read More
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