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Enterprise JavaBeans, 2nd Edition

Enterprise JavaBeans, 2nd Edition provides a thorough introduction to EJB 1.1 and 1.0 for the enterprise software developer. It shows you how to develop enterprise Beans to model your business objects and processes. The EJB architecture provides a highly flexible system in which components can easily be reused, and which can be changed to suit your needs without upsetting other parts of the system. Enterprise JavaBeans teaches you how to take advantage of the flexibility and simplicity that this powerful new architecture provides. Read More

JavaServer Pages

JavaServer Pages is a comprehensive introduction to the excisting new world of JSP. The book illustrates how JSP capitalizes on the power of Java servlets to create effective, reusable web applications. It also  shows how to get started using the Apache Tomcat server, as well as provides detailed coverage of JSP syntax, scripting elements, error handling and debugging, database access, authentication and personalization, internationalization, and integration with XML. Read More